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Application of UV Flatbed Printer
UV flatbed printers are hardly restricted by materials and can perform color printing on the surface of flexible media and rigid media. Simple color blocks, full-color or over-colored patterns, can be printed and formed at one time, without plate making, printing, and repeated color registration. The colors are beautiful and rich, the effect is realistic, the image is waterproof, sunscreen, wear-resistant, color-fast, simple operation Convenient, fast image printing speed, fully in line with printing industry standards.

---Applicable materials (non-absorbent materials)
Flexible media: paper, cloth, leather, plastic film
Rigid media: glass, ceramic tile, marble, metal plate, aluminum-plastic board, acrylic board, PVC foam board, KT board, density board, corrugated board
---Application scenarios
1. The most widely used: the production of POP advertising. Acrylic boards, signs, signs, display boards, signs, banners, light boxes, high-end business cards, etc. Applications ranging from large plaques and signs, large advertising displays, outdoor photo printing, as small as business cards, badges, badges, medals, medals, advertising gifts, etc., are very wide.
2. The most fashionable application: Personalized home decoration. Artistic tiles, glass sliding doors, partition screens, ceilings, background walls, etc. have become a strong trend in home decoration.
3. The most classic application: cultural and educational gifts. Certificate covers, pencil cases, notebooks, bookmarks and other office stationery, Lego and other toys, ceramic cups and other gifts.
4. The most popular application: digital accessories. Customized color printing of shell (mobile phone, tablet, notebook, Airpods, power bank, hard disk, U disk, CD), mouse pad, etc.
5. The most artistic application: handicraft decoration. Photo studio art photos, decorative paintings, handicraft printing (ceramics, shells, crystals, wood art, bamboo art, etc.). The high profits of art products have attracted many manufacturers, and flatbed printers can add color to the products, add a finishing touch, greatly improve competitiveness and increase product added value.
6. The most high-end application: high-end packaging. Wine box packaging, health care product box, antique wooden box packaging, high-end cosmetic packaging, high-end gift box, metal packaging, etc. These high-end products usually also need high-end packaging to set off, to highlight the noble temperament of the product.
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