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How to Deal With the Surface of the Adhesive Material during the Operation

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Update time : 2020-07-10 15:01:00
Car stickers are one of the most frequently used materials in the advertising industry.

Matters needing attention in the construction process of adhesive materials such as car stickers and color change films:

1. Check whether the surface of the body is clean. If there is dust, dirt, oil, etc., please wash it with detergent and wipe it dry with a clean soft cloth.
2. Check the surface of the body to be pasted to see if there are any stickers or attachments left on the car stickers, if any, please remove them.
3. Check whether there are traces of glue residue on the surface of the body to be pasted, if any, please wipe it with a solvent (ethyl acetate) and dry it with a clean soft cloth before the solvent evaporates.
4. Check whether there is a small piece of paint peeling off or newly repainted on the surface of the body to be pasted. If so, please patch up the surface before the operation and confirm that the paint surface is completely dry.
5. After completing the above steps, use a clean and clean soft cloth to clean and dry the surface of the body to be pasted, and prepare for the publication process.
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